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John Hunt, Sheriff

John Hunt

Court Security

I hope this site will become a useful and informative resource for the residents of Floyd County. Can’t find something? Have a suggestion or an idea? Let me know. Your feedback is invaluable!

Floyd County

Sheriff's Office


The Sheriff and/or a Deputy by order of KRS Chapter 70.140 have been charged with the safety of the Judges and the public to, from and during court proceedings. They are to assure that the court is conducted in a controlled professional manner and that all orders are obeyed by said courts. The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for six (6) courts in Floyd County to include Circuit, District, and Family Courts, in Prestonsburg. They are responsible for the transportation of prisoners to and from the Floyd County Detention Center to the Courts and then returned. They are re­sponsible for the overall security of all court rooms as well as the building in which they are located. Court Security also staffs Front Line Security stations which check all persons entering the build­ing by means of either a metal detector machine and/or metal detecting wand.

Items not allowed in court:
• Guns
• Knives
• Box Cutters
• Hand Cuff Keys
• Tools
• Glass Bottles
• Unauthorized Badges
• Sharp Items or anything else that may be used as a weapon

What to expect upon entering

When entering either the Hall of Justice or the Family Court Build­ing, the following Items must be removed before going through the metal detectors:
• Wallets
• Keys
• Coins
• Cellular Phones
• Pagers
• Cigarettes
• Lighters
• Any foil packages
• Batteries
• Watches
• Metal Belt Buckles

If after removing these items, you still set off the metal detector, you may be scanned with a metal detector wand. All bags, purses and umbrellas will have to be scanned by the x-ray machine.

*Please advise officers if you are wearing steel toed shoes. Also advise officers if you have a medical condition that prohibits you from walking though a magnetometer (metal detector).